Focus Area: Climate Change

Supporting Canada’s Transition to a Net-zero Carbon Future While Fostering Economic Prosperity

Since 2016, the Donner Canadian Foundation has placed significant focus on supporting initiatives that promote the systematic change required to achieve greenhouse gas emission reduction, and concurrently create conditions to foster economic prosperity in Canada. The foundation often works in collaboration with other funders in comprehensive strategies. Areas of particular interest include the advancement and adoption of carbon pricing, regulations to drive technological and energy transition, and the uptake of clean tech and renewable energy resources across the country.

This grants program has supported projects advancing the Zero Emissions Vehicle industry in Canada; realizing deep and widespread energy efficiency improvements to residential and commercial building stock; achieving the phase out of the use of fossil fuel; and ensuring federal carbon market and carbon offset priority protocols are entrenched, among others.

Much of the foundation’s granting has been through the Clean Economy Fund, a charitable foundation bringing together a group of collaborative funders who recognize that tackling climate change in Canada requires transformative, systems-level change. Funding is focused on initiatives that drive major government policy and industry action in support of the transition to net-zero emissions.

The foundation has also supported large-scale climate action projects on the forest landscape with nature and climate benefits. We are committed to supporting equity and Indigenous Peoples, and have a desire to ensure that the implementation of climate change policies and solutions benefits everyone equally.

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