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Two men in baseball caps building a fence out of reclaimed logs and sticks. The man in front is wearing a shirt that reads "Guardian Watchmen."

Coast Funds (Deirdre Loewinata)

Two men in baseball caps building a fence out of reclaimed logs and sticks. The man in front is wearing a shirt that reads "Guardian Watchmen."
A group of orange and white fish swim in an out of pale yellow coral in Eastern Canyons.

Oceans North (Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Dalhousie University)

A group of orange and white fish swim in an out of pale yellow coral in Eastern Canyons.
An engine is charging at an electric car charging station, with a technical drawing indicating where the card body would be.

Canadian Battery Task Force

An engine is charging at an electric car charging station, with a technical drawing indicating where the card body would be.
A group of about ten elephants of different sizes gathering near a shallow pool of water.

Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

A group of about ten elephants of different sizes gathering near a shallow pool of water.

Wide-Ranging Interests

The Donner Canadian Foundation’s grants portfolio reflects the interests of the Donner family, in consultation with our independent Canadian governors and expert advisors. The foundation supports a variety of organizations making significant impact in the environmental, social, and public policy sectors.

Granting Overview

The Donner Canadian Foundation’s granting is by invitation-only.

Each year, the foundation’s board, members, staff, and advisors engage with current partners, as well as the wider charitable sector, to identify opportunities to make positive change. Staff does not regularly respond to letters of inquiry or unsolicited requests for funding.

2023 Granting

How we allocated our grants in 2023


Focus Areas

To have a more sustained impact, the foundation has multi-year strategies in three areas.

Marine Conservation

Atlantic Marine Conservation

Supporting Healthy Marine Ecosystems, Sustainable Economies, and Vibrant Communities

Climate Change

Climate Change

Advancing Canada’s Transition to a Net-zero Carbon Future While Fostering Economic Prosperity

Indigenous Partnerships

Indigenous Partnerships

Working Toward Truth and Reconciliation

2023 Grantees

OrganizationProject | General SupportSectorCityProvinceAmount
African Wildlife Foundation of CanadaVolcanoes National Park ExpansionEnvironment and Wildlife PreservationTorontoON$29,000
Banff ForumGeneral SupportPublic Policy Research and EducationVancouverBC$20,000
Bear Valley Rescue SocietyGeneral SupportAnimal WelfareSundreAB$10,000
Bow Valley Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to AnimalsGeneral SupportAnimal WelfareCanmoreAB$55,000
Brock Community Food BankGeneral SupportSocial and Community BenefitsBeavertonON$10,000
BullyingCanada Inc.Lifeline: Bullied Youth Support NetworkSocial and Community BenefitsFrederictonNB$11,000
C. D. Howe InstituteGeneral SupportPublic Policy Research and EducationTorontoON$58,000
Campfire CircleGeneral SupportSocial and Community BenefitsTorontoON$55,000
Canadian Animal Assistance TeamGeneral SupportAnimal WelfareCambridgeON$30,000
Canadian Animal Task Force SocietyGeneral SupportAnimal WelfareCalgaryAB$50,000
Canadian Centre to End Human TraffickingGeneral SupportSocial and Community BenefitsTorontoON$15,000
Canadian Constitution FoundationGeneral SupportPublic Policy Research and EducationCalgaryAB$11,000
Canadian Federation of Humane Societies (operating as Humane Canada)National Centre for the Prosecution of Animal Cruelty and the Canadian Violence Link CoalitionAnimal WelfareOttawaON$137,500
Canadian Museum of HistoryIndigenous Internship ProgramArts and CultureGatineauQC$30,000
Canadian Network for International SurgeryGeneral SupportInternational Development and Human RightsVancouverBC$25,000
Canadian Parks and Wilderness SocietyAdvancing MPAs in Atlantic Canada: Charting a Course to 30x30Environment and Wildlife PreservationOttawaON$113,000
Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan Inc.Right to Education for Women and Girls in AfghanistanInternational Development and Human RightsCalgaryAB$50,000
Casey House FoundationGeneral SupportSocial and Community BenefitsTorontoON$30,000
Centre for Addiction and Mental Health FoundationwomenmindScience and MedicineTorontoON$10,000
Centre for Civic EngagementThe Hub: Bold Ideas for a Better FuturePublic Policy Research and EducationTorontoON$195,280
Centre for Indigenous Environmental Resources, Inc.Building First Nation Leadership in Stewarding Lands and WatersEnvironment and Wildlife PreservationWinnipegMB$125,000
Children's Aid Foundation of CanadaHome Base ProgramSocial and Community BenefitsTorontoON$30,000
Citadel Therapy Canine SocietyGeneral SupportSocial and Community BenefitsVancouverBC$10,000
Clean Economy FundCore and Project SupportEnvironment and Wildlife PreservationTorontoON$380,000
Coast Conservation Endowment Fund FoundationEnhancing First Nations Stewardship in the Great Bear Rainforest and Haida GwaiiEnvironment and Wildlife PreservationVancouverBC$150,000
Coast Conservation Endowment Fund FoundationGreat Bear Sea: Project Finance for PermanenceEnvironment and Wildlife PreservationVancouverBC$100,000
Community Food Centres CanadaStrengthening Indigenous PartnershipsSocial and Community BenefitsTorontoON$40,000
Community Music Schools of TorontoGeneral SupportSocial and Community BenefitsTorontoON$17,872
Community Veterinary OutreachGeneral SupportAnimal WelfareKanataON$67,500
Concussion Legacy Foundation (Canada) Inc.Youth Outreach & Project EnlistSocial and Community BenefitsTorontoON$70,000
Covenant House TorontoAnti-Trafficking ProgramSocial and Community BenefitsTorontoON$90,000
Covenant House VancouverGeneral SupportSocial and Community BenefitsVancouverBC$40,000
Doctors Without Borders CanadaGeneral SupportInternational Development and Human RightsTorontoON$130,000
Dying With Dignity CanadaGeneral SupportSocial and Community BenefitsTorontoON$75,000
Earthroots FundGrassy Narrows Women’s Drum Group: Healing our Environment and our PeopleEnvironment and Wildlife PreservationTorontoON$80,000
Ecology Action CentreStrong policy for Atlantic Canada's fisheries, coastal communities, and marine ecosystemsEnvironment and Wildlife PreservationHalifaxNS$90,000
Ecology Action CentreGold mining action and environmental assessment process changeEnvironment and Wildlife PreservationHalifaxNS$25,000
Ecotrust CanadaClimate Innovation in Indigenous CommunitiesEnvironment and Wildlife PreservationVancouverBC$70,000
Environment Funders CanadaOceans CollaborativeEnvironment and Wildlife PreservationTorontoON$70,000
Equality FundGeneral SupportInternational Development and Human RightsOttawaON$30,000
FCJ Refugee CentreGeneral SupportSocial and Community BenefitsTorontoON$15,000
Fordham UniversitySupport for Fordham University Law SchoolEducationNew YorkNY$25,000
Fraser InstituteEconomic Freedom IndexPublic Policy Research and EducationVancouverBC$150,000
Fraser InstituteGeneral SupportPublic Policy Research and EducationVancouverBC$35,000
Friends of Humane Society International for the Protection and Conservation of AnimalsNorthern Quebec Dog ClinicsAnimal WelfareMontrealQC$35,000
Governing Council of the Salvation Army in Canada, TheGeneral SupportSocial and Community BenefitsTorontoON$65,000
Governing Council of the University of Toronto, TheInvestigative Journalism Bureau: Indigenous Reporting and Training PartnershipsSocial and Community BenefitsTorontoON$20,000
Governing Council of the University of Toronto, TheGeneral Support for the Ontario 360 Public Policy Project at the Munk SchoolPublic Policy Research and EducationTorontoON$65,000
Governors of St. Francis Xavier UniversityCircle of Abundance: Amplifying Indigenous Women's LeadershipSocial and Community BenefitsAntigonishNS$50,000
Heiltsuk Tribal CouncilHaíɫzaqvḷa Language Immersion: We will Rise Higher and Higher ProgramSocial and Community BenefitsBella BellaBC$70,000
Hillsdale CollegeGeneral SupportEducationHillsdaleMI$50,000
Hockey Education Reaching Out SocietyGeneral SupportSocial and Community BenefitsVancouverBC$26,000
Hot DocsInternational Spectrum Program, Docs for Schools, and For Viola Screening SeriesArts and CultureTorontoON$67,500
Ian Anderson House FoundationGeneral SupportSocial and Community BenefitsOakvilleON$20,000
Indigenous Peoples Resilience FundGeneral SupportSocial and Community BenefitsOttawaON$200,000
IndspireGeneral SupportEducationTorontoON$50,000
Influence Mentoring SocietyGeneral SupportSocial and Community BenefitsCalgaryAB$80,000
Institute for Liberal Studies Inc.General SupportPublic Policy Research and EducationOttawaON$33,000
Jane Goodall Institute for Wildlife Research, Education and ConservationConservation and Sustainable Management of Coastal and Marine Ecosystems (COSME)International Development and Human RightsTorontoON$20,000
Jessie's, The June Callwood Centre for Young WomenGeneral SupportSocial and Community BenefitsTorontoON$10,000
Lewa Wildlife Conservancy (Canada), TheSecuring Wildlife and a Sustainable Community Water Source: Support for Lewa's Conservation and Security Operations and Subuiga Water Reservoir ProjectInternational Development and Human RightsTorontoON$99,000
Macdonald-Laurier Institute, TheCentre for Advancing Canada's Interests AbroadPublic Policy Research and EducationOttawaON$60,000
Macdonald-Laurier Institute, TheStrengthening Voices and Policy Discussion on AfghanistanPublic Policy Research and EducationOttawaON$45,000
Macdonald-Laurier Institute, TheGeneral SupportPublic Policy Research and EducationOttawaON$55,000
Make-A-Wish Foundation of Canada / Fondation Rêves d'enfants CanadaGeneral SupportSocial and Community BenefitsTorontoON$50,000
MakeWay Charitable SocietyNawalakw Cultural Project: hi'ma̱nis ḵ̓aḵ̓ut̓ła̱'at̓siSocial and Community BenefitsVancouverBC$60,000
MakeWay Charitable SocietyGeneral Support for IndigenEYEZSocial and Community BenefitsVancouverBC$74,000
MakeWay Charitable SocietyStein Nahatlatch InitiativeEnvironment and Wildlife PreservationVancouverBC$75,000
MakeWay FoundationSupport for the Northern Manitoba Food, Culture and Community CollaborativeSocial and Community BenefitsVancouverBC$150,000
Mamas for MamasFire SupportSocial and Community BenefitsKelownaBC$30,000
Miskanawah Community Services AssociationGeneral SupportSocial and Community BenefitsCalgaryAB$20,000
Montreal Economic Institute (Institut Économique de Montréal)General SupportPublic Policy Research and EducationMontrealQC$158,000
National Service Dog Training Centre Inc.Service Dogs for PTSD ProgramSocial and Community BenefitsCambridgeON$40,000
Nature Conservancy of Canada, TheIndigenous Conservation EngagementEnvironment and Wildlife PreservationTorontoON$50,000
Nature UnitedGreat Bear Rainforest: From Summit to SeaEnvironment and Wildlife PreservationTorontoON$85,000
North Coast Cetacean SocietyWhale Sound: Tracking Cetacean Soundscapes for ConservationEnvironment and Wildlife PreservationAlert BayBC$27,840
Nova Scotia Nature TrustGeneral SupportEnvironment and Wildlife PreservationDartmouthNS$82,500
Oceana CanadaStrengthening Fisheries Management and Reducing Plastic Pollution in Canada's OceansEnvironment and Wildlife PreservationTorontoON$105,000
Oceans North Conservation SocietyMarine Conservation Outcomes that Benefit Communities: Building Resiliency for the Ecosystem and PeopleEnvironment and Wildlife PreservationHalifaxNS$147,000
Pacific Assistance Dogs SocietyGeneral SupportSocial and Community BenefitsBurnabyBC$70,000
PLEDJ: Promoting Leadership for Empowerment, Development and JusticeAgents for Social ChangeSocial and Community BenefitsMontréalQC$50,000
Portrait Gallery of CanadaGeneral SupportArts and CultureOttawaON$40,000
Prince's Trust Canada, TheOperation EntrepreneurSocial and Community BenefitsTorontoON$45,000
Project Orbis International Inc.Strengthening Comprehensive Eye Care for Children and Newborns in Rural BangladeshInternational Development and Human RightsTorontoON$77,500
Public Policy ForumAction Canada programPublic Policy Research and EducationOttawaON$30,000
Queen's University at KingstonPilot study: Nutrition impact on post-surgery muscle lossScience and MedicineKingstonON$124,320
RAVEN (Respecting Aboriginal Values and Environmental Needs)General SupportEnvironment and Wildlife PreservationVictoriaBC$160,000
Rights and Freedoms AdvocateGeneral SupportPublic Policy Research and EducationAirdrieAB$90,000
Royal Canadian Geographical SocietyGuardians of the Land: Indigenous Wisdom and Future of the PlanetEnvironment and Wildlife PreservationOttawaON$90,000
Royal Institute for the Advancement of Learning McGill UniversityDonner Studentships at the Rosalind and Morris Goodman Cancer InstituteScience and MedicineMontrealQC$107,000
Salt Spring Institute for Sustainability Education & ActionClimate Solutions Reporting ProjectSocial and Community BenefitsSalt Spring IslandBC$40,000
Samara Centre for Democracy, TheGeneral SupportPublic Policy Research and EducationTorontoON$45,000
SecondStreet.orgGeneral SupportPublic Policy Research and EducationReginaSK$35,000
Shaw Festival Theatre, CanadaGeneral SupportArts and CultureNiagara-on-the-LakeON$50,000
Sierra Club of British Columbia FoundationSupport for Indigenous Climate ActionEnvironment and Wildlife PreservationVictoriaBC$50,000
Sir Edmund Hillary FoundationSupporting 15 students from Zeke O'Connor School in NepalInternational Development and Human RightsTorontoON$15,000
St. Michael's Hospital FoundationThe BARLO MS CentreScience and MedicineTorontoON$45,000
Stratford Shakespearean Festival of CanadaGeneral SupportArts and CultureStratfordON$25,000
The Dorothy Ley HospiceRevitalization ProjectSocial and Community BenefitsTorontoON$30,000
The Martin Family InitiativeEarly Years Curriculum and Training ExpansionSocial and Community BenefitsMontréalQC$25,000
Trans Canada Trail FoundationGeneral SupportEnvironment and Wildlife PreservationMontrealQC$10,000
UHN FoundationToronto-Addis Ababa Academic Collaboration in Emergency MedicineScience and MedicineTorontoON$35,000
UHN FoundationEffect of Concussion in the elderly and those with neurodegenerative diseaseScience and MedicineTorontoON$40,000
UHN FoundationPredictive Analytics at the Peter Munk Cardiac CentreScience and MedicineTorontoON$100,000
University of British Columbia, TheFABLE: Food, Agriculture, Biodiversity, Land-Use and Energy ConsortiumEnvironment and Wildlife PreservationVancouverBC$50,000
University of DelawareRadio America Production of Educational Audio and Video Materials for the UD Center for Economic Education and EntrepreneurshipPublic Policy Research and EducationNewarkDE$100,000
University of OxfordBodleian Libraries: Cataloguing John le Carré’s ArchiveArts and CultureOxfordOxfordshire$35,000
Vancouver Humane SocietyCampaign Against Rodeo EventsAnimal WelfareVancouverBC$65,000
Victim Services of Durham RegionHuman Trafficking Prevention and InterventionSocial and Community BenefitsWhitbyON$55,000
WaterCan (operating as WaterAid Canada)HerWASH: Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights: Final PhaseInternational Development and Human RightsOttawaON$20,000
Watershed Watch Salmon SocietyEmpowering Partners to Protect Wild Salmon and Reform Aquaculture in British ColumbiaEnvironment and Wildlife PreservationVancouverBC$27,840
WCS Wildlife Conservation Society CanadaGeneral SupportEnvironment and Wildlife PreservationTorontoON$5,000
We Are Young AssociationGeneral SupportSocial and Community BenefitsHalifaxNS$25,000
Windmill MicrolendingSupporting Newcomer Women to Achieve Their Career GoalsSocial and Community BenefitsTorontoON$95,000
Winnipeg Art GalleryQaumajuqArts and CultureWinnipegMB$15,000
Women's College Hospital FoundationTrauma Therapy ProgramScience and MedicineTorontoON$10,000
World Wildlife Fund CanadaSupporting Indigenous leadership within the South Coast Fjords NMCA through better understanding of species at risk and their habitats within Miawpukek territoryEnvironment and Wildlife PreservationTorontoON$108,000
Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative FoundationProtecting the Elusive Wolverine: Large Landscape Connectivity and ConservationEnvironment and Wildlife PreservationCanmoreAB$110,000
Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative FoundationGeneral SupportEnvironment and Wildlife PreservationCanmoreAB$15,000
York UniversityStudent Award/Bursary for Single ParentsEducationTorontoON$15,000
York UniversityIndigenous Cultural Competency and Trauma-Informed TrainingEducationTorontoON$30,000
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