Canadian Battery Task Force: Collaborating for a battery-powered future

February 1, 2023

Battery storage is critical for accelerating the electric vehicle revolution and for decarbonizing global energy systems. While Canada has all the necessary ingredients to be a global leader in the development of battery storage, what has been missing is a coordinated effort to combine these ingredients into a winning recipe.

The Canadian Battery Task Force fills that gap. Launched in 2021, it brings together the mining sector, battery manufacturers, vehicle manufacturers, labour, academia, and the emerging battery recycling industry to build a common vision, and to collaborate toward the implementation of that vision, for a strong battery storage future.

To seize the opportunity of battery storage for decarbonizing global energy systems, we need a big and coordinated effort in Canada.

The Donner Canadian Foundation’s support for Clean Energy Canada helped ensure the idea for the Task Force was realized and led to its September 2022 landmark report: “A Batteries Blueprint for Canada”. That work is now shaping a government-led national battery strategy, to be released in 2023. The Task Force continues to focus on fulfilling its vision: “By 2030, Canada is a global leader in clean, innovative battery technology, strategic materials production and recycling, and is a hub for sustainable battery production in North America ”.

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