Efficiency Canada: Energy efficiency for all

February 1, 2023

Energy efficiency in homes and buildings is good for everyone as it reduces energy waste and cuts climate pollution. But energy efficiency can be especially valuable for low-income Canadians, who are vulnerable to rising energy costs and to energy poverty.

Efficiency Canada, based at Carleton University, has been instrumental in researching and advocating for energy efficiency across Canada since 2018. With funding from the Donner Canadian Foundation, Efficiency Canada was able to focus on the benefits of energy efficiency for low-income populations in particular. The work resulted in a March 2022 landmark report, entitled “Efficiency for All”; the development of the Low-Income Energy Efficiency Programs Database; and influential government advocacy at both the federal and provincial levels to increase access for low-income Canadians to energy efficiency programs and incentives.

‘‘Improving the energy efficiency of low-income households reduces greenhouse gas emissions and energy costs while also combatting inequality and energy poverty.’’
– ‘‘Efficiency for All’’

Already, this work has led to a $500-million government investment in low income energy efficiency programs across the country.

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